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About Our Camp

Beach Baseball Camp is an organization comprised of highly qualified coaches who instruct young athletes to reach their full potential in the sport of baseball. Specific skills training within multiple aspects of the game include:

Infield and Outfield Work

Pitcher and Catcher Guidance

Hitting & Bunting Foundational Skills

Proper Running Techniques

Formation of a Winning Attitude

Mental Preparation

Two weeks of baseball camp will run each summer. Camp is open to players entering grades 3-5 and grades 6-8.  Space is limited, so act fast!


Mission & Vision

At Beach Baseball Camp, we believe that athletes must learn proper skills and fundamentals of both baseball and running at an early age to ensure proper habits are formed that will last a lifetime. The strategies used to develop our players can be translated to any other sport. All of the drills will increase athleticism and boost player confidence, which in turn, will prepare your child for any challenge.

Extended Learning for Coaches

At Beach Baseball Camp, we believe coach training is just as important as teaching a player. A knowledgeable coach can bring the best out of an athlete. Our official title is:


Yes... Clinics! Individual or group training in foundational baseball skills, coaching philosophies, and preparation of practice planning is available upon request.

Baseball Coach
Little Leaguer

Individual or Group Lessons for Players

Individual instruction can be an enormous factor of player growth. Some children learn better in a one-on-one or small group format. Upon request, the following Position Specific Training (PST) can be scheduled:

Pitcher (PFPs, throwing mechanics, pick off moves & more) 

Catcher (framing, blocking, increasing pop times & more)

Infielder (glove/footwork for grounders/flyballs - 1st, 2nd, SS, 3rd)

Outfielder (glove/footwork for grounders/flyballs)

Baserunning (lead offs, jumps, sliding, turns & more)

Hitting (swing/bunting mechanics & more)


Clinic/Individual Instruction Request Form

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